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The Heroic Brotherhood is the online community for the men of Heroic Men and the Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance. We believe real brotherhood calls men to heroism, to get off the sidelines and into the adventure of our lives. We build a band of brothers so that we strengthen ourselves.

Christ has modelled the path of the perfect hero

He lived a life of servant leadership and heroic action to strengthen others, and bring us to the Father.

We define 'heroism' as the courage to go outside my comfort zone to do the right thing, and to work to make good endure. 

That's why we decided to follow him, and launch SEEK HEROISM, not in ourselves, but in those around us.

Every week, we ask our community to share a real-life story of someone heroic in their lives. We need more examples of humble, everyday men who take small heroic steps or make heroic efforts.

Strengthen the man, strengthen the family.
Strengthen the family, strengthen the Church.
Strengthen the Church, transform the culture.

It starts with the man.

The Heroic Brotherhood is a online community of men who act on the belief that seeking heroism is a daily choice, to choose what is right, and to strengthen each other to make good endure.

Our Story

During the lockdowns of the pandemic, a small brotherhood of men were forced to face a second pandemic: loneliness among men.

This cultural crisis means most men don't have even one close friend, and few know even ten other men by name in their parish. Men are not meant to live alone.

So this brotherhood dropped everything to commit themselves, their time, and their resources to solving this problem.

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